Zesty Lemonade

Zesty Lemonade

Zesty Lemonade soap is a delightful choice for a refreshing and invigorating bathing experience with a blend of Lemongrass and Ginger Essential Oils. Scented with Lemon zest fragrance oil, it offers a tangy and uplifting aroma.

Inspiration – This soap is a delightful reminder to embrace the simple pleasures in life, find joy in little things. Experience the essence of lemons and a lemonade filled summer day.

All Natural

Mild Scented

Cold Process

Small batch handmade


No Chemicals

Artisanal Luxury

Eco Friendly

Zero Waste


Weight – 100 gm

Mini sizes also available


Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass Essential Oil has a very fresh and citrusy smell, and it is also rich in anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial properties. It is also used for acne treatment and to reduce symptoms of ageing.

Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger Essential oil has a distinct, warm and spicy scent that uplifts the mood, promotes mental clarity and boosts energy levels. Antioxidant properties enhances a clear and radiant complexion and supports natural healing process of the skin


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Having high moisturizing and nourishing properties, it creates gentle, creamy lather and is suitable for all skin types. Giving anti – aging benefits, helps to improve skin elasticity and reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Coconut Oil

Rich in Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect your skin from damages caused by free radicals and environmental stressors. Antibacterial and anti fungal properties of coconut oil is a proven ingredient for all skin types.

Cocoa Butter

Known for its rich and luxurious properties, cocoa butter brings indulgent nourishment to the skin. Its high content of fatty acids helps moisturize and soften the skin, leaving it supple and smooth.

Avocado Oil

Great moisturising, hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties, it is a great choice for sensitive skin. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, a popular anti aging ingredient.

Rice Barn Oil

Enriched with vitamin E and antioxidants, it deeply nourishes and protects the skin, leaving it supple and glowing. Diminishing the effects of aging and slows the formation of wrinkles due to high concentration of tocopherol and tocotrienol.

Castor Oil

Renowned for its rich lather-enhancing properties, castor oil creates a luxurious and bubbly cleansing experience. Its moisturizing and conditioning benefits leave the skin feeling soft, smooth, and nourished.