Welcome to Bohci, a brand that’s committed to crafting natural handmade artisan soaps. Our story began with a simple yet powerful idea: BARS OVER BOTTLES. In a world that’s facing significant environmental challenges, we felt the need to create a brand that not only offers a luxurious bathing experience but also encourages small lifestyle changes that can make a big impact.



When you choose BOHCI handmade soap bars, you’re making a conscious decision to take care of your body and the planet. Our 100% plastic free, reusable, biodegradable packaging and natural ingredients make us the perfect choice for anyone looking to make a positive impact on the environment.
So, join the BOHCI revolution today and experience the best of both worlds – luxury soap bars that nourish your skin and help you live a sustainable lifestyle.

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At Bohci, we’re not just about creating natural handmade artisan soaps, we’re also driven by a set of values that guide everything we do. Here are the values that are at the heart of our brand:


We're committed to creating products that are good for you and good for the planet. That's why we use only natural ingredients and have eliminated the need for plastic packaging with our zero-waste soap bars.


We believe that quality should never be compromised. That's why we use only the highest quality natural ingredients and take great care in crafting each and every one of our soap bars.


We believe that taking care of yourself is important, and that's why we've created soap bars that not only nourish your skin but also offer a luxurious and indulgent bathing experience.


We believe that we're all in this together, and that's why we're committed to building a community of like-minded individuals who care about the planet and want to make a difference.


We believe in being transparent about our ingredients, our process, and our values. We want you to know exactly what goes into our soap bars and why we've made the choices we have.


We are dedicated to making a difference for our planet. With every sale, we contribute to environmental initiatives. Your purchase becomes a catalyst for positive change, supporting projects such as reforestation, clean energy, waste reduction, and conservation efforts. Join us in creating a greener future—one sale at a time.

These values are not just words on a page; they’re at the core of everything we do at Bohci. We’re committed to creating a brand that not only offers a high-quality product but also reflects our deep-seated values. Join us on this journey towards a more sustainable and self-caring world, one soap bar at a time.


We believe in giving you the freedom to choose what you love. With this incredible offer, you have the power to create your perfect package by selecting any combination of products from our wide range.
And that’s not all – as a token of appreciation, for all your purchases above Rs. 2000, we’ll include a special gift worth Rs. 200 from our collection. It’s our way of adding a delightful surprise to your custom bundle. Get ready to experience the joy of personalization and treat yourself to a tailored package that suits your preferences perfectly. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to curate your own bundle and discover new favorites along the way!



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Bochi - ness All The Way - Gift Like a Pro


Looking for a unique and personalized gift for special occasions? Our bulk gifting service offers custom-designed soaps with your desired fragrances, colors, and custom stamps. Our special custom boxes add a unique touch to the presentation.
Our customizable soap gifts are perfect for weddings, corporate events, or special occasions. By ordering in large quantities, you can save on cost and make a memorable impression on your guests.
Choose our bulk gifting service and create a lasting impact with a personalized and thoughtful soap gift. Contact us today to learn more.


Make your gifts extra special with our gift wrapping and personalized message card options. Choose from our specialized lines for various occasions throughout the year, including birthdays, holidays, and special events.
Our gift wrapping service adds a beautiful finishing touch to your order, while our personalized message cards let you add a personal touch to your gift. Don’t settle for generic gifts – let us help you create a memorable and unique experience for your loved ones.
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Elevate your soap experience with our mix-and-match approach. Combine our high-quality soaps with our handcrafted accessories for a complete and unique bathing experience.
Choose from a range of carefully crafted accessories, including soap dishes, loofahs, and washcloths, to create a personalized set that meets your needs and preferences.
Browse our range of soaps and accessories today and take your bathing experience to the next level. Contact us to learn more.